school Policy

General Rules:

  • Students and Parents should respect school staff and property.
  • Everybody should be treated politely.
  • An appropriate language should be used in all discussions.Any Abusive language is strictly prohibited.
  • Leaving school premises without the permission of the Administration Office is prohibited.
  • Students can leave the classroom only with the permission of the teacher in class.
  • Jewelry and accessories are barred in school.
  • Walking on the right side of the hallways in a single queue while leaving class.
  • During P.E classes civil and honorable playing should be on display at all-time.
  • No playing possessions should be brought from home.
  • Tackling, Wrestling, and jumping off playground equipment is banned.
  • Be evident to the supervisor at all-time during the break or P.e.
  • Settle disagreements in a peaceful and fair manner, seek the help of an adult when necessary.

Infringement of any School Rule will result in the following penalties:

First time infringementa written warning memo signed by student; parents will be notified.
Second time infringementa scheduled conference with parents and possible suspension.
Third time infringementSuspension and possible expulsion from school, depending on the infringement committed.

Articles Prohibited

Articles that could reasonably be expected to disrupt the normal educational process or that could be expected to create safety hazards should not be brought to school, such us:

I-podsradiosCD playerselectronic gamesear or headphones
playing cardstape playersweaponsalcoholdrugs
fireworksmatcheslighterstobacco productsglass bottles


ArrivalMorning assembly First Class
07:30 a.m. - 07:40 a.m.07:45 a.m. to 07:55 a.m.08:00 a.m.


KindergartenGrade one to threeGrade four to
1:00 p.m.2:15 p.m.2:30 p.m.